New RF Explorer 6G Combo PLUS and 4G Combo PLUS

We are happy to introduce our two new members to the RF Explorer PLUS SLIM product family.


The new devices comes with an impressive frequency range, and all the PLUS family features including extended firmware future capabilities.

FrequencyScaleModels SLIM2

For specification details please visit:

And just in case you have a RF Explorer WSUB1G+ model, you can easily upgrade it to a 4G Combo+ or 6G Combo+ using the newly available expansion boards.


For full specifications visit:

All products are available at SeeedStudio and will be soon available in our distributor network:


Free tools from contributing users

Thanks to its open architecture and free open source software libraries, RF Explorer community has been very active for years offering custom solutions and tools, as well as adapting RF Explorer to the most surprising and challenging scenarios.

We introduce two of them today, which you may find very useful to have in your bag:

Wireless Microphone Analyzer

Developed by Bernd Konnerth, it has been refined and updated for sometime and its among the most popular tools in the Audio Pro community. It works in Windows, Mac and Linux.

Define and report Wireless Mic activity based on manufacturer channel names. For full discussion thread visit group link.

To download software and read instructions visit GITHUB project 

RF Explorer detailed scan phyton tool

Developed by mkupferman. This is a free command line solution for generating high-resolution scans with an RF Explorer, for use with coordination software like Shure Wireless Workbench. It works in Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download from GITHUB project

New support holder for RF Explorer SLIM

HolderSlimFit 2

This custom made, high quality holder is the perfect support for your RF Explorer SLIM model, offering protection and convenient viewing angles.

It is made from ABS which results in a compact, lightweight and robust design, perfect to carry on where your RF Explorer goes. Any compatible USB cable can be connected from the side while the RF Explorer device remains fully operational. Also, it includes 4 x M2 screw holes at the bottom for easy attaching to underneath surfaces.

HolderSlim 3

Please note that this is only suitable for the following RF Explorer SLIM models:

The new holder can be purchased from SeeedStudio online shop and other RF Explorer distributors.

RF Explorer Touch v1.4


The new RF Explorer Touch (RFETouch) tool is available for download, including several major improvements:

  • New historical navigation bar to easily pause and replay past events
  • High resolution support now include up to 4096 points sweeps
  • Improved support for CSV file export now fully compatible with IAS, Sennheiser WSM and Shure WWB
  • Added touch gestures to change frequency and amplitude axis
  • And much more, read release notes for more details

It is supported in all major platforms including Windows, macOS (except Catalina), Linux and Raspberry Pi.

We also made available a free download Virtual Machine you can run easily on any OS, including support for macOS Catalina users:

Visit download page to get your updated software and visit RFETouch page for more details:

Updated .Net libraries with latest improvements

The latest version of RFExplorerCommunicator package for Windows .Net, Xamarin and mono is available at

Developers, hackers and development companies can now update to this new version and provide support for new device models and features.

Release v2.00.2003.1
Added support for 4G+, 6G+ and 2.4G+ models
Improved high resolution mode support
Included SweepData partial
Added input stage option
Bug Fixes


In addition to the libraries, the RFEScanRange command line tool allows for easy generation of CSV or RFE data files in Windows, Mac and Linux from any connected RF Explorer device with configurable frequency and resolution. Full source code is included.