RF Explorer Firmware Upgrade

Update firmware for your RF Explorer device easily and securely anytime to get the latest enhancements and features.

Free Upgrade

RF Explorer firmware updates are available for free for all device models. Some advanced features may require a paid license.

Stay up to date

Latest features and enhancements are the best way to have your RF Explorer working efficiently

Simple and Safe

The Updater tool includes a step by step, simplified process, connecting to our Secure Servers to get the very latest firmware



Download latest Uploader tool

RF Explorer Uploader 4th generation tool is a robust, easy to use tool available for Windows, Linux and macOS
Download for Microsoft Windows

RF Explorer Firmware Uploader is compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11 and only requires a valid internet connection


Run the Uploader tool

You need a standard internet connection and the RF Explorer device ready with a USB cable. USB drivers are automatically installed by the tool if required.

Follow on screen instructions

Each step is clearly described on screen, and all models are supported with the same interface