RF Explorer upgrades available

There is a bunch of news including software, firmware and accessory upgrades available for your RF Explorer device.

Firmware upgrades

  • New firmware upgrade for RF Explorer Signal Generator v1.12 Beta 14 includes Frequency Sweep features, added stability and best handling of internal calibration table. We will soon offer graphic display of amplitude calibration on screen, this Beta version is just the foundation for the upcoming changes.
  • New firmware upgrade for all RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer models in v1.12 Beta 19. They are now all supported by the same firmware, not matter which model you use. This stabilizes and simplify the prior process where new 6GHz models used a separated firmware when compared to lower frequency models.
  • Please download firmware from our download page.

RF Explorer for Windows

New RF Explorer for Windows version v1.12.1505.1, includes several GUI improvements and stability fixes, and Limit Lines for SNA mode. It also brings new VSWR automatic calculation from DB, so Linear or Logarithmic return loss can be used. 

RFExplorer SNA VSWR Antenna800MHz RFExplorer SNA ReturnLoss DB Antenna800MHz


New accessories available for the RF Explorer product family includes LTE / 3G / 4G antenna, red color protection booth, 60dB 6GHz attenuator and replacement LCD. For more details on any of these products, please click on the image.

LTE antenna

LTE antenna

Nagoya NA-773 telescopic replacement antenna

NA-773 antenna

2.4GHz Whip replacement antenna

2.4GHz antenna

 LCD replacement

 Replacement LCD

SMA precision Attenuator – 60dB up to 2W at 6GHz

60dB attenuator

Red Color Silicone booth protector

Red protector

New RF Explorer for Windows v1.12.1503.3 available

Free download from

Includes all these enhancement and fixes:

  • Dark mode for Signal Generator
  • Save screenshot available in Signal Generator
  • Normalization data can be saved and restored for easy reuse of multiple measurement cases, with no need to re-normalize every time. Note: it is not suggested to reuse normalization files when the environment (such as temperature, cables, etc) changes too much when compared to initial normalization setup.
  • Signal Generator tracking results can be saved as CSV and standard S1P files. Note: files are considered S1P because only one parameter can be saved at a time, regardless if it is S11 or S21. If it is a 2-port S21 measurement, rename the file manually. Future enhancements will allow combination of multiple readings, such as S11 and S21 to be displayed together and saved to a S2P file.
  • Smooth trace enabled for Signal Generator
  • Print and Print Preview features working for Signal Generator
  • User can select "Insertion Loss" or "Return Loss" graphical Y axis label for Signal Generator trace. This will be expanded later to "Linear VSWR" and correctly calculated for easy VSWR display. In the meantime, traces can be exported to CSV and converted in Excel from dB into VSWR.
  • Corrected measurement data point on Signal Generator screen to be dB (as opposed to incorrect dBm reading earlier version)
  • Corrected Spectrum Analyzer trace color mismatch in MaxHold and Min.

RF Explorer firmware upgrade for 6G models

A new enhanced firmware is available for RF Explorer 6G and 6G Combo models.

This new version v1.12 Beta 12 includes 300MHz span for RF Explorer 6G, and 600MHz span for RF Explorer 6G Combo and WiFi Combo.

You can download the new firmware from the download page here. Please make sure you download and upgrade your unit with the right firmware file only!

For any question contact us.

We uploaded a brief demo of RF Explorer 6G Combo working at 5.5GHz with up to 600MHz span. 

(best viewed with HD Full Screen)

RF Explorer 6GHZ - update

We are happy to confirm the production and QC tests are being completed as expected for new 6G and 6G Combo units. Thanks for your patience and support, these last weeks we have been working on plenty of details to finish, so everything can be ready on time. Reminder: If you were considering a 6GHz unit, discount period ends tomorrow Jan 20th.


SeeedStudio team confirmed they will start shipping first units tomorrow Jan 20th, as initially planned. All the units pre-ordered will be shipped between Jan 20 and 24. 

For any question on your order, please check with directly with SeeedStudio , or the distributor you ordered the unit from. We do not handle individual orders ourselves.


Note: Firmware delivered with new unit shipped is version 1.12 Beta 08. Some features under development will required you to upgrade your unit with new firmware in a few weeks.