RF Explorer HAM Field Meter License

RF Explorer HAM Field Meter License

Starting with firmware v3.25, all RF Explorer PLUS models can perform specific W/m2 or V/m measurements for all sub-GHZ popular HAM frequency bands. This feature is developed with contributions from Martin Lynch & Sons ( www.hamradio.co.uk )

You can use this feature to convert RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer into an effective, accurate and easy to use Field Meter to easily check power levels being transmitted by your antenna at a reference distance, and check if transmission levels are in compliance with local regulations.

RFExplorer HAM FieldMeter

The HAM frequency bands currently covered are listed below

Frequency Band (MHz)

HAM definition

3.500 – 4.000 80 meters
5.000 – 5.400 60 meters
7.000 – 7.300 40 meters
10.100 – 10.150 30 meters
14.000 – 14.350 20 meters
18.068 – 18.168 17 meters
21.000 – 21.450 15 meters
24.890 – 24.990 12 meters
28.000 – 29.700 10 meters
50.000 – 54.000 6 meters
70.000 – 70.500 4 meters
144.000 – 148.000 2 meters
420.000 – 450.000 70 centimeters

For more details read user manual section HAM Field Meter.

Registering a prepaid License Voucher

If you have a License Voucher ordered from a Distributor, use this link for step by step instructions to user your voucher: www.rf-explorer.com/voucher

Ordering online and License Activation process

If you do not have a prepaid Voucher, you can order a license online following detailed steps at RF Explorer Device License instructions page

By purchasing this license you agree on the following terms:

End User License Agreement

  • All sales are final, refund is only possible before activating the license in the Computer and the Spectrum Analyzer. Once the license is activated there is no option for refund or cancellation.
  • License can be activated from a Windows 7/8/10 computer only
  • The license can be activated only from the same computer provided by Computer Code ID and for a single RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer device. Once the license is activated, can be used with any computer by the same RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer device.
  • License is permanent and locked to a specific RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer device, it does not require any extra regular payment and is compatible with any future firmware upgrade. The device firmware must not be downgraded to earlier versions of firmware than v3.16 as otherwise the license may get invalidated.
  • Each license is unique and cannot be shared or moved to a different RF Explorer device.
  • Support is available through www.rf-explorer.com/support page. We are entitled to provide quality support on any question you may have or issue you may find.
  • For more than 5 licenses you can apply for a 10% discount, contact us before purchase.