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Introducing RF Venue - RF Explorer Pro Audio

We are happy to introduce the new RF Explorer Pro Audio developed for RF Venue. This model includes same frequency coverage and performance than RF Explorer 3G Combo, with a number of remarkable additions to help Audio Professionals to finetune RF setup:

  • 15-2700 MHz Wideband scanning range
  • Configurable Low Noise Amplifier
  • Save / Load Presets for fast setup and recall
  • Configurable Input Attenuator
  • One-Click WiFi Analyzer mode displays 2.4 GHz channels
  • 16 hour lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • -120 dB Sensitivity and auto-configurable resolution bandwidth (RBW)

This model is immediately available in all RF Venue distributors. More details at


RF Explorer Python library update

python logo master v3 TM flattened

The RF Explorer for Python library v1.26.1806.1 upgrade is available for download.

This library is updated to latest MWSUB3G IoT firmware version v1.16. Previous library versions may not work properly with provided examples.

Use "pip install RFExplorer" to upgrade from any system (Linux, Mac, Windows), more details at this wiki link

Optionally visit GITHUB repository for latest open source code

RF Explorer Software and Firmware upgrade

RF Explorer for Windows

RF Explorer for Windows v1.26.1805.2 is available for download.

This new version include several bug fixes and enhancements, including full support for Presets.


Presets can be created and modified in the spectrum analyzer unit itself, in a standalone Preset Manager tool (available for Windows and Linux, soon will come available for Mac). The powerful Preset manager is also integrated with the RF Explorer for Windows application in the "Device" menu.

For more details visit Presets help page.

For more details please check firmware release notes.

Firmware v3.06 for RF Explorer WSUB1G PLUS

This release includes support for the new Preset Manager tool. The firmware v3.06 also adds support for expansion boards RFEMWSUB3G and RFEM24G, so you can easily expand the frequency coverage of your PLUS unit. 

For more details firmware please check firmware release notes.

To learn how to use the new Preset capabilities in the Spectrum Analyzer device, please read updated user manual.

Firmware v1.26 for RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer Standard

This version comes with several bug fixes and adds the powerful Preset support. The firmware upgrade is recommended for all customers, but note the Preset functionality is only available for Combo models (2 RF connectors with extra memory inside). For units with no extra module, it can be easily converted to a Combo model by adding aRFEMWSUB3G or RFEM24G.

For more details firmware please check firmware release notes.

To learn how to use the new Preset capabilities in the Spectrum Analyzer device, please read updated user manual.


These are free downloads as usual available in website main download page, please check different sections for Windows and Linux.

RF Explorer .NET library update available

Specific to all developers and system integrators, the latest version of RF Explorer .NET library implementation is available at

This version includes latest changes for WSUB1G+ support including features such as high resolution scan mode and input stage selection.

We are committed to continuous update of our software and hardware support so you can get the best of RF Explorer instruments, everytime.

If you are not familiar with our large open source code offering, please visit