Getting Started with RF Explorer Signal Generator


RF Explorer Signal Generator (RFE6GEN) is a 6GHz fully programmable, high accuracy handheld RF generator with CW, Sweep and Tracking functionality at a very affordable price tag.

RF Explorer Signal Generator user manual available here:

Note: firmware included in factory may be outdated. To make sure you get latest features enabled, please download latest firmware and RF Explorer for Windows software from our download page.

Step by step tutorials for Network Analyzer mode

By combining RF Explorer Signal Generator with any of the RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer models to the same computer, the system works as an advanced Scalar Network Analyzer:

Connecting RF Explorer units

For tracking SNA and other functionality that requires both Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Generator connected, it is recommended to connect the devices one by one to avoid any confusion. Please check previously listed tutorials for easy step by step procedure.

Using simple CW functionality

The simplest functionality to test is by using CW (carrier wave single frequency signal).

  1. Program any frequency between 24 and 6000 MHZ in the CW area.
  2. Select nominal power from the available option list.
  3. Make sure the Signal Generator has some 50ohm load before delivering RF power. Any load is valid (antenna, RF device, dummy load, etc) Failing to connect a RF load may damage the Signal Generator output stage.
  4. Click on [Start] button to deliver programmed RF power. The legend will change from black "RF Power OFF" into red "RF Power ON" to alert on the new status. Similarly, the Signal Generator device will alert with a RF POWER ON text at the bottom of screen.
  5. If you have the Spectrum Analyzer connected with a cable or device to the Signal Generator, you can go to the "Spectrum Analyzer" tab and see response there and operate with the Analyzer as usual.
  6. Click on [Stop] button anytime to stop delivering RF Power. Alternatively, you can click on [ENTER] button in the Signal Generator device to achieve the same result.