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  RF Explorer + Vantage solution for MacOS evaluated by prestigious MIX magazine
PMA Awards selected as the best "helpful tool of the year" in the Prolight + Sound PMA Awards 2014
Live Design Magazine - Closer Look: RF Explorer, Scanning The Wireless World y Zach Williamson - article available online.
Silicon Chip magazine - Issue May 2013, by Stan Swan, a detailed view of RF Explorer
Proaudio Magazine – tests February 2013 (online): Tests by Peter Kaminski (German) and (English translation)

PC Pro Magazine – issue March 2013 (printed and digital)

Soundcheck Magazine – issue October/2012 (printed only)
  • Transcript available online (German)
Tools4Music Magazine – issue Aug/Sep-2012 (printed only)
EDN online magazine - article by Ken Wyatt with a great comparison of low cost spectrum analyzers.
TMWorld Magazine - articles by EMC Expert Ken Wyatt
The terrific Flite Test team was testing the nice Skywalker X-8 fixed wing R/C plane and found nearby interferences. They of course used RF Explorer to find out a free frequency range to move on and save the day.
Device to scan and display RF in an area?
Nützliches Tool im Test, May 2013, online (German only)
Presentation by Sven Brünjes at faire booth (German only):
Excellent detailed review by Radio Amateur Aleš OK1ALP from Czech Republic - English translation here.


Are there other sites with discussion thread or additional info about RF Explorer?

Yes, check the following sites for an idea of user feedback and suggestions:


This is the official RF Explorer online forum and distribution list - join to share opinions, experiences and requests.

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Electrical Engineers and RF professionals:

Pro-audio Zoe Martin interview. She points to RF Explorer being the most useful tool in her tech bag.
Audio professionals - Several threads:

Audio professionals:

Audio professionals:

Audio / Video professionals:

R/C Model and FPV:

R/C Model and FPV:

R/C Model and FPV:

R/C Model:

Electronics hobbyists and professionals:

Electronics hobbyists and professionals:


Any online videos available?


Yes, we got a few videos online already.


RF Explorer WSUB3G demonstration - Working with complex FM modulation

(best viewed in HD full screen)


A brief demo introductory video of RF Explorer screen in action


A brief demo of RF Explorer working at 6GHz with up to 600MHz span


An intro video by Steve Venner from Martin Lynch and Sons


An intro video by Gotham Sound and Communications, Inc


Short video of RF Explorer looking around for EMI in a RC / FPV plane,

By Reckless Bill @ RC Groups


RF Explorer saved the day to the terrific Flite Test Team flying Skywalker X-8


FPV Setup Secrets - english Version!

RF Explorer featured on this nice video done by RCShim showing his FPV setup


If you want to contribute with your own videos, please contact us and we will be happy to add them here.