RF Explorer 3G+ IoT for Arduino

RF Explorer 3G+ IoT uses several digital connections from the Arduino board, including the UART0 for the embedded MWSUB3G module control.

RFExplorer 3GP IOT Arduino

RF Connector Standard SMA female, 50 ohm RF quality connector. It can be connected to antennas or RF direct signal with coaxial cable.
SW1 Switch Used to select Arduino UART0 (Arduino small form factor) or UART3 (Arduino large form factor)
BUTTON_1 Push button used for specific MWSUB3G operational modes
JP1 Buzzer Digital output connector for custom alarm buzzer, LED, actuator or equivalent configurable device
Power LED

RED LED will light if the board is receiving correct power from the 5V Arduino source. The 5V input from Arduino is then converted to 3.3V with a dedicated LDO.

Power is protected by a resettable fuse.

Activity LED GREEN LED will show specific status and activity performed by the MWSUB3G module.
MWSUB3G Module RF advanced spectrum analyzer module.
JP2, JP3, JP4, JP5 Standard Arduino connectors
JP6 UART3 connector for Arduino DUE



Module included 3G+ MWSUB3G advanced RF Explorer module
Frequency band coverage 15-2700 MHz
Connector Standard SMA 50 ohms
Selectable input stage Normal, LNA, 30dB Attenuator
Amplitude resolution 0.5dBm
Dynamic range -130dBm to +10dBm
Absolute Max input power +30dBm
Average noise floor level -120dBm (typical with LNA enabled)
Frequency stability and accuracy +-10ppm (typical)
Amplitude stability and accuracy +-3dBm (typical)
Amplitude and Frequency calibration All modules are factory calibrated
Frequency resolution 1Khz
Resolution bandwidth (RBW) automatic 3KHz to 600KHz
DC Voltage Level 3.3V on all pins
DC Protection Protected with resettable fuse
Power consumption 100-500mW


Compatible Arduino boards

IMPORTANTDo not connect to 5V Arduino boards, the IoT module is only compatible with Arduino 3.3V models. Not following this advise will damage your IoT module.

Models listed below are tested and supported Arduino models you can use. If you want to connect to a different Arduino model contact with us first.

1 - Arduino Due / Genuino Due



2 - Seeeduino

  • Seeeduino is a low cost, 8 bit small form factor Arduino compatible board compatible with RF Explorer 3G+ IoT module.
  • There are different Seeeduino boards, including Seeeduino, Seeeduino Lite, Seeeduino Stalker, Seeeduino Mega. Please check SeeedStudio bazaar for more details.
  • We tested and validated standard Seeeduino v4.2 board, but other Seeeduino models should work the same as long as they can be configured for 3.3V. In particular, Seeeduino Mega offers large form factor with multiple UART, so the benefit for usability is better but also cost is higher, so comparing Seeeduino Mega and Arduino Due, we always recommend Arduino Due.
  • Use this link for more details on Seeeduino configuration and use.

Seeeduino v4.2