RF Explorer firmware v1.12B32 available

This firmware resolves a problem with RF module idle mode. Before this fix, the Combo units with two modules may not always power off the unused module correctly, leading to higher power consumption and RF false readings.

Thanks for customers reporting this problem, it was elusive bug not all silicon RF devices had, not resolved by everyone at last.

Download available in our website (link)

Upgrade instructions available in the internal release notes document.

Visit us at Hamvention 2016

dayton hamvention logo

We are happy to announce RF Explorer will be available for demo and purchase in Hamvention 2016.

Hamvention is one of the largest and premiere Amateur Radio shows and flea market. The show this year will be held May 20 to 22 in Dayton, Ohio; where thousands of hams from across North America (and the world) converge to one location to see hundreds of commercial and flea market vendors.

NutsAboutNets will offer all our RF Explorer product family and you can ask questions, take demos and see the product first hand in booth #342, Silver Arena. We can also help you understand how a Spectrum Analyzer and Tracking Generator can make your life easier tuning antennas, checking filters, detecting jam and noise sources, to name a few..

We hope to see you there!

New RF Explorer for Windows 1.12.1604.3 available


  • Automatic connection of Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Generator device. This is a major improvement to allow transparent operation of connected devices in any configuration. If you are using a RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer and a Signal Generator together for SNA or other purposes, the easiest way to work with them now is as follows:
    • Connect Spectrum Analyzer to USB
    • Connect Signal Generator to USB
    • Start RF Explorer for Windows application.
    • Both devices will be automatically connected to correct ports and enable SNA display automatically.
  • Manual connection of devices is still available as usual, in all cases the application will try to connect the right device to the right port as soon as the connection is made.
  • Aligned waterfall 2D view on main Spectrum Analyzer screen. Now is possible to have a fully aligned frequency view on both displays.
  • Waterfall dedicated tab view is now independently configured from that of Spectrum Analyzer tab view. This is best fit for a convenient 2D waterfall on Spectrum Analyzer and a full featured 3D view on Waterfall view. Configuration settings such as transparency and Realtime/MaxHold settings for waterfall are also independent in both views .

  • Default settings are now Dark Mode and Spectrum Analyzer view configured to include waterfall 2D. This setting can be reconfigured by user anytime. If you do not need or like the Waterfall view, use menu View->Include Waterfall in Main Screen->None.
  • Configuration device icon is now disabled by default, to allow waterfall alignment. You can enable the device icon again using menu Device->Show RF Explorer icon…

Bug fixes

  • Waterfall screen display is now properly updated when “Data Sample” index is manually modified while Hold mode is enabled. Before this fix, waterfall display may not update with correct data when Data Sample was manually modified.
  • Frequency Markers are invalidated in Wifi Mode if they are out of range. Before this change, some markers could read incorrect values while Wifi Analyzer mode was enabled.
  • Frequency Markers no longer get out of screen if too many are enabled. Before this fix, a long list of markers on screen may actually go beyond application markers area.

This free upgrade is available at our download page.

RF Explorer in the flash deals week at SeeedStudio

Celebrating comeback after Chinese New Year , SeeedStudio is offering great deals. This upcoming week from March 15th to 21st, the following models can be ordered with big discounts:

  • RF Explorer 6G Combo
  • RF Explorer 3G Combo
  • RF Explorer Wifi Combo
  • RF Explorer Signal Generator

Please visit SeeedStudio promotion page for ordering details: SeeedStudio link.

RF Explorer support for WiFi Analyzer 5GHz band

We are happy to release RF Explorer firmware v1.12B31 with support for WiFi Analyzer feature in the 6G models: Download link.

Previous versions only supported WiFi channels in the 2.4Ghz range. This is immediately available for RF Explorer 6G, 6G Combo and WiFi Combo.

Covered channels and frequencies are listed below:

Channel number Center frequency (MHz)
36 5180
40 5200
44 5220
48 5240
52 5260
56 5280
60 5300
64 5320
149 5745
153 5765
157 5785
161 5805
165 5825

One problem we faced while developing the WiFi Analyzer for 5GHz is the large number of channels and lack of official standards. Therefore we selected the ones more frequently used so we can fit 13 channels in the LCD screen. A future option will allow to select a different configuration where less frequently used channels can be listed, too.

Known limitation: RF Explorer for Windows latest version available does not correctly interpret these channels, so this new firmware is intended for standalone use only. If you use it together with connected PC, frequency readings and channel numbers won't be correct. This will be resolved in an upcoming RF Explorer for Windows release in April.