RF Explorer Device License

RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer PLUS models offer optional features enabled by license. Each license is permanent, linked to the specific RF Explorer device where it is enabled.

This page assumes you already have a device License Voucher from a distributor of RF Explorer products.

Using a Voucher to enable device license is easy, just follow steps below


Download and install RF Explorer Uploader tool

Download the tool for an easy, step by step firmware upgrade of your RF Explorer device. Upgrading firmware is a pre-requisite to enable license correctly in your Spectrum Analyzer.

Upgrade firmware

The RF Explorer Firmware Uploader tool will upgrade the device firmware if required, and will show how to use a License Voucher at the end of the process

Install more than one license

At this point you should already have the license enabled. If you are installing multiple licenses on the same RF Explorer device, run the Uploader tool as many times as required, one per license. You can use the specific shortcut link RF Explorer License to directly go to the license mode