RF Explorer Software and Firmware updates available

At RF Explorer we keep working hard, we send a big virtual hug to all our customers and colleagues being impacted by the current situation.

We are happy to provide the following free upgrades to all our client base:

RF Explorer for Windows

The new version 2.02 includes new support for WiFi channels at 5GHz for RF Explorer models working up to 6GHz. In addition to that, high resolution modes for PLUS models have been enhanced with higher speed sweep. If you need to work at more than 112pts standard sweep, you can now go up to 4096pts in a single sweep; this is also useful for CSV export with high resolution to external applications.

As an example below images show the same UHF captured data at different resolutions 112, 512 and 2048pts. At high resolution the RBW is lower and therefore the noise floor is much more sensitive

112 points standard resolution:

RFEWin 112pts 

512 points enhanced resolution:

RFEWin 512pts

2048 points high resolution:

RFEWin 2048pts

A detail of the Waterfall 3D in high resolution mode shows a much more detailed activity when compared to low resolution mode

Waterfall 2048pts

RF Explorer Touch

A new version 1.5 is available with plenty of new features:

  • Default mode is now 512 points sweep scan for PLUS models, making it easier to use the device in high resolution mode. Additional high resolution modes allow up to 4096pts.
  • New Waterfall 2D/3D graphical display (Not supported for Mac and Linux platforms)


  • New WiFi mode supporting 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands

wifi 5g

  • Added support for Limit Lines including alarm

config limit

  • New support customizable for Radio Standards

radio standard

  • Improved CSV file export, with advanced support for external applications such as WSN, IAS and WWB

config CSVfile

RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer PLUS

The new firmware v3.18 includes a new advanced feature to allow recording and replaying sweeps in the spectrum analyzer internal memory. This new feature requires a separated license, more details at and user manual section Record / Play MENU (PLUS model only)

MenuRecord 2

RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer Standard

The latest firmware v1.31 includes full support for 5GHz WiFi channels on models supporting 6GHz range.

In addition to these features all upgrades include bug and stability fixes.

License registration

Due to international regulatory requirements, as well as to provide first class support, our latest software upgrades require registration with a valid email. This is a simple step required only once per application.

  • We do not share email, personal information or sell information to third parties
  • All registering information is stored in offline, secure server
  • Internet connection is required for the registration step to complete

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