RF Explorer WSUB1G PLUS : 50KHz – 960MHz

The new Handheld Spectrum Analyzer covers frequencies starting at 50 KHz, a long term request by HAM operators, EMC technicians and RFID diagnosis.

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The new PLUS model not only comes with extended range when compared to the standard WSUB1G model, it also add these many additional extras:

  • Internal selectable LNA preamplifier: this provide extra sensitivity when required
  • Internal selectable 30dB Attenuator: enables direct measurement of stronger input signals
  • New SET button to enable quick recovery of configuration presets with a two button clicks
  • New HELP button with context sensitive help on any screen
  • Included NA-773 telescopic and UHF Rubber Duck antennas
  • High quality ferrite-bead USB cable
  • Protective silicone shield already assembled
  • Included extra wide EVA case with plenty of room for all accessories you may need to carry on together with the analyzer

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The model is available for purchase on selected distributors:

Over the next few weeks should be available in all distribution channels. Get the full list here.

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Important note: For existing customers using RF Explorer models WSUB1G, 3G Combo, 6G Combo and ISM Combo, there will be a way to cover 50Khz frequency range using RF Explorer Upconverter - an external device we are releasing in just a few weeks. Stay tuned.