Introducing WifiMetrix from NutsAboutNets


Introducing WifiMETRIX -- a new diagnostic tool used to analyze and test Wi-Fi networks. 

It is a handheld device that operates in stand-alone mode -- it does not associate or connect with an AP.  WifiMETRIX implements two important features -- AirHORN and WifiPROBE. The built-in Wi-Fi chip can perform both signal generation / packet injection (AirHORN) and throughput diagnostics (WifiPROBE) on each channel. WifiMETRIX costs only $295 USD.

Features Include:

  • Dual-band 802.11 Wi-Fi chip
  • AirHORN channel / signal generator functionality (packet injection)
  • WifiPROBE channel analyzer functionality
  • Solid aluminum case plus silicon rubber boot protector
  • Standard 50 ohm SMA antenna connector
  • 128x64 built-in LCD screen
  • Includes dual-band antenna for 2.4x and 5.x GHz ISM bands
  • Includes micro-USB cable for recharging
  • Includes 50 ohm SMA terminator to protect antenna connection
  • SMA terminator (dummy load) also used for calibrating the device 

For more details and online purchase, please visit WifiMETRIX product page.