Vantage Mac OSX for RF Explorer released

We're happy to announce that Boston based RF Venue, Inc., has released VANTAGE, a native Mac OS X spectrum analysis and frequency monitoring software program for use with all RF Explorer® handheld spectrum analyzers, as well as RF Venue’s rack-based RF Explorer® RackPRO.

Now, all the usefulness and adaptability of the RF Explorer is available to anyone using a Macintosh desktop or laptop. 

Vantage is composed of three core features—spectrum scanning, frequency monitoring, and CSV file exports of scan data compatible with Shure Wireless Workbench® and Professional Wireless Systems' IAS.

Depending on which RF Explorer you're using, Vantage can scan frequencies as low as 15 MHz, to as high as 6.1 GHz.  It was designed to be fast, easy to use, and compatible with other wireless tools and workflows.  RF Venue will be rolling out even more features and making them available to all users via upgrades, including IMD analysis. All new features will be free of charge to existing licensees.    

Each Vantage license is just $99 USD. 

Take a closer look and download a free 14 day trial at the following link: