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Vantage Mac OSX for RF Explorer released

We're happy to announce that Boston based RF Venue, Inc., has released VANTAGE, a native Mac OS X spectrum analysis and frequency monitoring software program for use with all RF Explorer® handheld spectrum analyzers, as well as RF Venue’s rack-based RF Explorer® RackPRO.

Now, all the usefulness and adaptability of the RF Explorer is available to anyone using a Macintosh desktop or laptop. 

Vantage is composed of three core features—spectrum scanning, frequency monitoring, and CSV file exports of scan data compatible with Shure Wireless Workbench® and Professional Wireless Systems' IAS.

Depending on which RF Explorer you're using, Vantage can scan frequencies as low as 15 MHz, to as high as 6.1 GHz.  It was designed to be fast, easy to use, and compatible with other wireless tools and workflows.  RF Venue will be rolling out even more features and making them available to all users via upgrades, including IMD analysis. All new features will be free of charge to existing licensees.    

Each Vantage license is just $99 USD. 

Take a closer look and download a free 14 day trial at the following link:

Software update available

The new RF Explorer for Windows v1.12.1511.2 is available in the Beta section of download page (Beta section is at the bottom)

  • Fixed problem in markers in Spectrum Analyzer screen when configuration changes (sometimes markers were disabled)
  • Fixed screenshot file & clipboard image copy function. Before this fix, the new collapsible control areas may not draw correctly in the screenshot file sometimes.
  • Added median average to improve noise rejection in SNA tracking display.
  • Improved report data and calibration sync with new firmware v1.12 Beta 24 on Spectrum Analyzers. You are suggested to upgrade to this firmware version all your analyzers

The new RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer firmware v1.12 Beta 24 is available for download as well.

  • Include additional protocol data exchange for calibration data share with RF Explorer for Windows software. This will enable the system to offer full calibration capabilities for end user in the future.

RF Explorer in MakerFaire Rome

RF Explorer Team will be sharing booth with SeeedStudio crow at MakerFaire EU edition in Rome. This is a nice opportunity to learn how device works and see demos and ask questions or provide feedback.

See you there!

New RF Explorer for Windows BETA - added SNA markers

There is a new BETA version available for download, and includes several fixes and markers for SNA tracking graphics. Download is freely available at the bottom of our download page.

There are up to 10 markers available, same as for Spectrum Analyzer graphics. They work virtually the same in SNA, with the important difference in marker 1: while it detects Peak value in Insertion Loss mode, it will automatically change to negative Peak in Return Loss mode.

All other markers from 2-9 can be defined at any arbitrary frequency, same as with Spectrum Analyzer. Values of markers defined for SNA and Spectrum Analyzer are independent and stored in configuration settings, so you can define markers for a particular configuration and restore them easily anytime.


Fixes include MaxHold now working in toolbox group control and RF Explorer Signal Generator automatically power off RF signal if Windows application is closed or disconnected.

Available BETA for Windows scaled text screens

New available RF Explorer for Windows BETA version v1.12.1506.1

This new version is still under test, but provides significant benefits for Windows scaled text configurations. We recommend this version if you are working with scaled text in your computer or tablet.

Background details: Scaled text is frequently used to show larger text in Windows while working on devices with small screens and high resolution.


This typical configuration used by laptop and tablet users, may have side effects on earlier versions of RF Explorer for Windows where certain controls and forms are cut out or incorrectly placed. This is a defect from internal bugs in Microsoft programming libraries. To overcome this, we produced our own libraries in this version, using internal code and not relying on Microsoft libraries for these features any longer.

 As an example of how older RF Explorer for Windows may look on these configurations, see picture below


Using specific libraries and manual code to correct these problems, the new BETA version looks correct in all configurations


Thanks to this new effort and internally produced code, a new feature exclusively developed in RF Explorer for Windows is a collapsible control available for each toolset group. As depicted in next image, circled in red, there is a new arrow button available on each toolset group and located top-right; by clicking on it you can collapse the toolset so no longer takes screen space and makes room available for other controls.

Once collapsed, the toolset group will display a brief informative text. In this case to show the Analyzer is connected (Analyzer ON). By clicking again on the arrow button the toolset group gets expanded back.

This dynamic toolset location advanced feature will allow us to add more functionality on limited screens that was impossible before.

To download and test this new version, please visit our download page and scroll down to the bottom of the page to get access to the BETA software.