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Introducing WifiMetrix from NutsAboutNets


Introducing WifiMETRIX -- a new diagnostic tool used to analyze and test Wi-Fi networks. 

It is a handheld device that operates in stand-alone mode -- it does not associate or connect with an AP.  WifiMETRIX implements two important features -- AirHORN and WifiPROBE. The built-in Wi-Fi chip can perform both signal generation / packet injection (AirHORN) and throughput diagnostics (WifiPROBE) on each channel. WifiMETRIX costs only $295 USD.

Features Include:

  • Dual-band 802.11 Wi-Fi chip
  • AirHORN channel / signal generator functionality (packet injection)
  • WifiPROBE channel analyzer functionality
  • Solid aluminum case plus silicon rubber boot protector
  • Standard 50 ohm SMA antenna connector
  • 128x64 built-in LCD screen
  • Includes dual-band antenna for 2.4x and 5.x GHz ISM bands
  • Includes micro-USB cable for recharging
  • Includes 50 ohm SMA terminator to protect antenna connection
  • SMA terminator (dummy load) also used for calibrating the device 

For more details and online purchase, please visit WifiMETRIX product page.

Visit us at Hamvention 2017

dayton hamvention logo

We are happy to announce RF Explorer will be available for demo in Hamvention 2017.

Hamvention is one of the largest and premiere Amateur Radio shows and flea market. The show this year will be held May 19 to 21 in Xenia, Ohio; where thousands of hams from across North America (and the world) converge to one location to see hundreds of commercial and flea market vendors. This is the first year on new location in Xenia after moving out from Dayton HARA Arena.

SeeedStudio team will be available to show the product family, including pre-production prototypes of upcoming models and tools, and of course you can ask questions, take demos and see the product first hand in booth #6711-6712.

We can also help you understand how a Spectrum Analyzer and Tracking Generator can make your life easier tuning antennas, checking filters, detecting jam and noise sources, to name a few.

We hope to see you there!

Firmware Upgrade simplified for MacOS

Firmware upgrade for RF Explorer devices is a simple process available for Windows, Linux and MacOS computers. 

The new, improved Firmware Upgrade process for MacOS users now includes a GUI, step-by-step process documented with online tutorial video. The process no longer requires manual typing, access to Terminal or sudo privileges.

Upgrade 5

For detailed documentation and software download please visit

Please make sure to read the full article to complete a successful upgrade easily. A pre-requisite is to install Mono software libraries in the MacOS system, even if you had old libraries, you need to upgrade to required version. These libraries are a prerequisite to complete the upgrade process but are also a useful to enable a number of software tools we will release for MacOS soon. Stay tuned!

RF Explorer Near Field antenna calibration files

We have been really busy since Near field antennas were released. All produced kits have been helping a lot of users to easily diagnose circuits with a very modest investment, and we are receiving very positive feedback from many applications. Thank you everyone for your support!

We are happy to release the full set of calibration files and updated datasheet for RF Explorer Near Field Antenna Kit as well as RF Explorer RFEAH-25 antenna. These include now support for 10mil, 20mil, 32mil (0.8mm) and 64mil (1.6mm) FR-4 standard PCB Microstrip traces.

RFEAKIT Comparison Coupling 1GHz

There is now plenty of updated information in the datasheet to get the most of your antennas in all possible situations.

The additional calibration files can be used in RF Explorer for Windows for automatic amplitude adjustment, please follow described steps in the updated datasheet. These calibration files can be also used with other external tools as they are CSV files easily exported to any format.

Please download new contents from our download page.


New RF Explorer software and firmware v1.17 available

The new RF Explorer for Windows comes with lot of enhanced features:

  • Support for Radio Standard definitions: With this new feature, you can define and create multi-channel configurations. Channels are displayed on screen, including channel name and channel power. See example Shure Wireless UHF-R included as example in the new version:

RadioStandard 1

RadioStandard 2

  • Added Frequency and Amplitude Offset control from the Windows application

  • New “Frequency Offset Locked" feature added to Delta Markers - now any Delta marker can dynamically track the Reference marker realtime!

  • Added an option to start RF Explorer for Windows without OpenGL 3D graphics enabled. In some computers, old video drivers or insufficient CPU speed may cause problems. The new shortcut (No OpenGL) will start RF Explorer for Windows without 3D acceleration requirements. The Waterfall screen will not be available in this mode.
  • WiFi Analyzer screen mode in RF Explorer for Windows is now available for 5GHz band

The Firmware for Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Generator include:

  • New dedicated charge and calibration Battery screen

    RFExplorer RemoteScreen Battery99 charging before sleep

  • The Spectrum Analyzer includes a number of improvements in the DSP algorithm, in particular to correctly discriminate spurs coming from LO in multiples of 30MHz.
  • Improved OPERATIONAL MODE menu to only show options relevant to the RF Explorer model

For more details, please check the Release Notes included on RF Explorer for Windows and Firmware upgrade packages.

Note: Firmware for Spectrum Analyzer v1.18 is now available.

Download these upgrades from our download page, as always, free of charge!