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RF Explorer .NET library update available

Specific to all developers and system integrators, the latest version of RF Explorer .NET library implementation is available at

This version includes latest changes for WSUB1G+ support including features such as high resolution scan mode and input stage selection.

We are committed to continuous update of our software and hardware support so you can get the best of RF Explorer instruments, everytime.

If you are not familiar with our large open source code offering, please visit


RF Explorer firmware and software updates available

RF Explorer for Windows

RF Explorer for Windows v1.23.1711.1 is available for download. 

This new version include several bug fixes and enhancements, including BETA support for RF Explorer WSUB1G PLUS high resolution mode. This new mode enables sweep configurations of up to 4096 data points, at the moment only supported in this model.

The RF Explorer Upconverter support is also added with all required amplitude correction files and Frequency Offset important fixes.

For more details please check release notes.

Firmware v3.03 for RF Explorer WSUB1G PLUS

This is a bug fix release, recommended to all users of the new WSUB1G+ model.

Firmware v1.23 for RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer Standard

This version comes with several bug fixes and is recommended to all users of Spectrum Analyzer models different than WSUB1G+.


These are free downloads as usual available in website main download page (link).

Note: Firmware upgrade for Mac OS users will be released in a few days, currently only Windows versions are released.

RF Explorer Upconverter

Introducing this multi-functional device you can use for:

  • Extend your current RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer to measure frequencies as low as 100KHz
  • Use the included selectable low noise preamplifier on any frequency from 100Khz to 4GHz range
  • Use the included selectable 30dB attenuator on any frequency from 100Khz to 4GHz range

This device can largely improve the measurement capabilities of any Spectrum Analyzer, as well as extend the reception and versatility of your low cost SDR.

More info and datasheet:

RFEUpconverter RFE1 3D

Available at Seeed Studio and other distributors for only $99


RF Explorer WSUB1G PLUS : 50KHz – 960MHz

The new Handheld Spectrum Analyzer covers frequencies starting at 50 KHz, a long term request by HAM operators, EMC technicians and RFID diagnosis.

bazaar596023 1

The new PLUS model not only comes with extended range when compared to the standard WSUB1G model, it also add these many additional extras:

  • Internal selectable LNA preamplifier: this provide extra sensitivity when required
  • Internal selectable 30dB Attenuator: enables direct measurement of stronger input signals
  • New SET button to enable quick recovery of configuration presets with a two button clicks
  • New HELP button with context sensitive help on any screen
  • Included NA-773 telescopic and UHF Rubber Duck antennas
  • High quality ferrite-bead USB cable
  • Protective silicone shield already assembled
  • Included extra wide EVA case with plenty of room for all accessories you may need to carry on together with the analyzer

IMG 4147a

The model is available for purchase on selected distributors:

Over the next few weeks should be available in all distribution channels. Get the full list here.

IMG 4162a

Important note: For existing customers using RF Explorer models WSUB1G, 3G Combo, 6G Combo and ISM Combo, there will be a way to cover 50Khz frequency range using RF Explorer Upconverter - an external device we are releasing in just a few weeks. Stay tuned.

Push-ON SMA adapter available

We are happy to announce the availability of new Push-ON adapter, this is an affordable version of very expensive but convenient accessory that makes easier to plug/unplug devices or cables under test to a SMA port.

This quality adapter is good for up to 6GHz work.

It is the same adapter we include in the Near Field Antenna Kit, and by popular demand we make it available to everyone as separated adapter you can now use for your own purposes. We get them in quantities which allow us to offer it for $8.5 - as a comparison equivalent adapters at Mouser or Digikey are in the range of >$40.

Product and details available at SeeedStudio: link