RF Explorer Touch - User Manual - Waterfall Screen

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Waterfall Screen

This is a powerful, high performance 2D/3D visualization of historical sweeps, displaying the most recent captured sweep in front, with older sweeps in the background. This screen is only available for Windows computers at the moment.

It is a very efficient and practical way to display intermittent or time-changing signals that may not be easy to detect any other way.


Note: This view is not supported in WiFi Analyzer mode.


The color map used by the Waterfall screen is defined by the Top and Bottom amplitude signals configured on the spectrum analyzer.

Signal peaks that are close to the top will show red region whereas signals close to the bottom will display blue, with a color gradient in between.

The "heat" of the display color code can be dynamically adjusted by changing the Top and Bottom amplitude settings anytime.


Right click on the waterfall screen anytime to enable a context sensitive menu.

waterfall menu

Signal Type

  • Real Time: Show real time captured activity.
  • Max Hold: Show maximum value of all captured samples.


You can choose between 4 different perspectives, including a 2D view that is best suited for accurate signal research.


History Sweeps Time

Determine historical time to be displayed as last 30, 60 or 120 seconds


Define 3D graphics as transparent when selected, or opaque when unselected

Visible Floor

Display a gray, opaque grid floor when selected

Visible Draw Time

Sometimes useful to know the performance of the graphics card representing frames per second (FPS) of the waterfall display

Save Waterfall Screenshot

Store Waterfall screen to an PNG image file.