RF Explorer Touch - User Manual - WiFi Mode

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WiFi Mode

This special mode in the Spectrum Analyzer screen displays WiFi channels for 2.4Ghz and 5GHz - only available in RF Explorer devices supporting the specific frequency range.

  • For PLUS models, firmware v3.16 or higher is required.
  • For Standard models, firmware 1.31 or higher is required.

WiFi 2.4GHz Band

Display view for channels 1-13 including center channel frequency and channel power. Note 2.4GHz channels are actually overlapping by defnition, but are displayed in this mode as non-overlapping to simplify visualization. Overlapping channels display can be configured using Radio Standards.

The higher power channel detected is depicted in a different color.

wifi 24g

WiFi 5GHz Band

Display view for 28 channels defined for 20MHz width, including center channel frequency and channel power.

On top of 20MHz channels, 40MHz, 80MHz and 160MHz channels are displayed.

  • Red - 20MHz channels
  • Green - 40MHz channels
  • Blue - 80MHz channels
  • Magenta - 160MHz channels

wifi 5g