RF Explorer Touch - User Manual - Application Presets

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Presets are predefined configuration stored by name in the application to easily recall commonly used setups. Parameters persisted are frequency, amplitude, enabled traces and markers.

Note: For handheld models, these presets in the application are not the same presets as can be defined inside the device. A future version will include and help to coordinate both kinds: application and device presets.



Action option to load stored preset values into current configuration.

Note: Load Presets only will be effective while device is capturing data, not when a file has been loaded.


Action option to save current configuration into the selected preset. This option cannot be undone, care should be taken to not overwrite another valid preset.


Remove selected preset configuration. “Default” preset cannot be deleted.


Return to main menu and current visual mode (Such as Spectrum Analyzer).

How to create a new preset

  1. Set device configuration to store as frequency, amplitude, traces and markers.
  2. Go to “Presets” menu.
  3. Click on edit box and type a name for this preset.
  4. Click on [Save]