Troubleshooting: Microsoft .NET

RF Explorer for Windows uses underlying Microsoft .NET 4.0.x technology, which is compatible with all Windows versions from WinXP to Win10. In most modern versions of Microsoft Windows, the .NET libraries are factory installed and automatically updated with Windows Update services.


Being a complex set of libraries, sometimes Microsoft .NET may have configuration, reliability or setup issues. If you run into issues like crashes where Windows OS or .NET libraries are reported as part of the crash, very likely the main cause is a faulty Microsoft .NET setup. Unfortunately RF Explorer for Windows cannot work reliably if there are issues in .NET.


Microsoft offer a few diagnostic and repair tools for .NET, please check below links to try to fix your system:

  1. Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool: link and link
  2. Microsoft .NET Framework Setup Verifier: link
  3. Microsoft .NET Framework Cleanup Tool: link

These are listed from less to more invasive, so you better try 1 first, and go to step 3 only if problem wasn't resolved.

We thank user Bob Buono for his help on background info to resolve .NET installation problems.