RF Explorer Touch - User Manual - Spectrum Analyzer screen

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Spectrum Analyzer screen

CW signal

The main screen includes standard spectrum analyzer graph with captured data from RF Explorer handheld analyzer or IoT module and the right-side menu with all options to use the application easily.

The data screen is a high speed data representation of Spectrum Analyzer Frequency vs Amplitude. The X axis represents frequency in MHZ and Y axis display actual received power in dBm, dBuV or Watt (selectable).

Touch Gestures

You can use two finger gestures in Windows (other platforms are not supported) to zoom and pan frequency or amplitude.

  • Zoom in/out - change Frequency Span: Apply two finger gesture towards the horizontal axis to increase or decrease span.
  • Amplitude pan: Move two fingers up or down to pan amplitude
  • Frequency pan: Move two fingers left or right to pan frequency 

Touch Labels

TouchAreas RPi

Some parameters can be easily configured by screen touch or click marked with red areas in picture above.

Press each of these regions to change:

  • Amplitude Top/Bottom – change with numeric dialog
  • Start/Center/Stop frequency – change with numeric dialog
  • Graph title – set current preset. Note this is not available for Full Screen mode
  • Amplitude Offset - change with numeric dialog
  • Amplitude Units - Menu Config -> Display
  • Input Stage - Menu Config -> Device
  • Firmware Version and Device Model - Menu Config -> Device
  • Frequency Offset - change with numeric dialog
  • Span Frequency - change with numeric dialog
  • Sweep Resolution - Menu Config -> Device
  • Upgrade Available – Update RF Explorer Touch software and device firmware version to the latest one available online.

Navigation and replay sweep control

navigation toolbar enabled

The navigation bar provides full control to review any past sweep event and also replay sweeps at original captured speed. This can be used with recently captured data or stored data files.

  • [<<] Go back multiple sweeps (about 10%)
  • [ < ] Go back to previous sweep
  • Navigation bar: Point and move to desired sweep. While the scrollbar actuator is being moved, sweep captured date will be updated realtime but spectrum analyzer screen will be updated after releasing the bar.
  • [ > ] Go forward one sweep
  • [>>] Go forward multiple sweeps (about 10%)
  • [Play] Replay captured activity using original captured speed
  • [ || ] Pause spectrum analyzer activity on screen, but the RF Explorer device continues capturing and storing data
  • [ H ]: Hold - Fully stop spectrum analyzer activity and data capture. This is the only valid state when using data from file