RF Explorer Touch for Linux

Configuration and Setup

RF Explorer Touch runs on any Linux distribution with kernel 2.6 or newer. The Kernel must include Silabs CP2102 drivers, which is commonly the case in any distro released in the last 8+ years at least.

Setup steps:

  • Install latest Mono package from www.mono-project.com
  • Download RF Explorer Touch for Linux from the download page and copy it to a folder with enough permissions
  • Add your linux user to the dialup group, otherwise may not be able to open the USB port. For instance this command will do it in Ubuntu/Debian: 
    sudo adduser <my_user> dialout
  • Reboot the computer
  • Copy RF Explorer Touch for Linux executable, you can locate it anywhere in your computer.
  • Connect your RF Explorer spectrum analyzer to the USB port.
  • Run the tool with
    mono RFETouchLinux.exe
  • Note: use regular Linux login, not root or superuser, otherwise configuration files will not be stored in the home folder correctly.