Linux sample client code available

There have been a lot of requests, mainly from Universities, to include some sample Linux code. Students and teachers in need of interaction to RF Explorer from Linux cab use this simple application as a starting point, RFExplorer_Reset, now available on the open source code repository:

  • GNU GCC portable code - tested in Ubuntu 11, should work on any Linux
  • Uses standard Silabs CP210x driver included in the Linux Kernel, no need to install drivers
  • Included full source code, readme txt and binary compiled file for Ubuntu 11. Documentation includes reference on how debug kernel COM port activity.
  • The tool will restart RF Explorer and will capture and display version and copyright text after restart is complete. Here is a captured screenshot:


Big thanks to Cesar Lopez Ramirez @ URJC University for code and debug contribution.

Additional Linux code examples, together with a Linux Firmware Uploader for RF Explorer will follow in the next few months.

If you run into questions, please join us to comment on the forum: www.rf-explorer/forum