Bug report

This issue has been fixed in firmware version v1.08 Beta 2 (and newer).

Issue: RF Explorer doesn't honor the 2400bps low connection speed for Spectrum Analyzer mode, only 500Kb high speed works.


Description: If you select the 2.4Kbps speed in the CONFIG MENU in RF Explorer, it will internally ignore the baud speed setting and will keep working at 500Kbps. Additionally, you need to select 500Kbps in all cases in the Windows PC Client for the USB connection to work. You can get more info in this thread.

Thanks to user dirkx for catching and reporting this. Readers may also be interested in his thread if want to connect RF Explorer to MacOS and/or Linux.


Versions affected: Firmware versions v1.06 and v1.07. Note the bootloader is not affected by this bug, it works in both 500Kb and 2400bps modes.


Fix priority: A fix will be released in an upcoming v1.08 beta 02, together with additional features and enhancements. If you are affected by this and cannot wait for upcoming beta please contact us to find a way to temporarily fix this for you.