RF Explorer Days

A selection of our most demanded RF Explorer device models now available at a discount – up to 20% in devices and 30% in licenses until October 23rd

 RF Explorer 3G Combo  The economical choice for analysis up to 2.7GHz 
 RF Explorer 6G Combo  Ideal for working up to 6.1GHz with frequency gap
 RF Explorer Upconverter  Extremely useful device to get your extend frequency work down to 100KHz support
 RF Explorer ISM Combo PLUS SLIM  Best choice to work at 2.4Ghz and sub-GHZ frequencies with latest robust SLIM design
 RF Explorer 4G Combo PLUS SLIM  Excellent tool for up to 5.1GHz no frequency gaps
 RF Explorer 6G Combo PLUS SLIM  The most powerful choice, full range 50KHz – 6.1GHz with no frequency gaps
 Device Licenses for PLUS models Upgrade your unit to record sweeps internally, increase wideband capabilities
or measure HAM bands with Field Meter function

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RFE Seeed Promotion

RF Explorer Device Licenses Discount

RF Explorer orders placed in this period can benefit with additional 30% discount in RF Explorer Device License, even if you did not receive your device within the period. Shipment delay is not a problem for you to get a 30% discount in device licenses.

There are two ways to benefit from device license discount:

  • You can order the license and complete Paypal payment within the discount period, even if you do not have the device yet, and activate it later when you receive the shipment.
  • Alternatively you can order a device license after you receive the shipment, in this case contact us after Paypal payment and send us RF Explorer ticket order to reimburse you 30% discount.