New USB drivers for macOS computers

After Apple updated their native requirements for drivers in Catalina and newer OS versions, the Silicon Labs team has been working hard to provide compatible drivers to comply with these requirements.

We are happy to announce these compatible USB drivers, version 6, are available and suitable for macOS latest OS versions. If you are using any third party software such as Touchstone or Vantage, or using our free VirtualMachine or equivalent solution with Parallels, you can now use RF Explorer Touch and other compatible software successfully in your macOS Catalina and newer versions.

For more details download latest drivers from and make sure to read the included release notes.

Known Issues and Limitations
This release includes the Macintosh OS driver for 64 bit
Macintosh computers running MacOS X 10.11 or greater.
For MacOS X 10.9 and 10.10, see the folder called "Legacy MacVCP Driver".
Driver Installation
Mount the DMG file and double click on
Silicon Labs VCP Driver.
On MacOS 10.13 and later, the installation of the driver may be blocked.
To unblock, open the System Preferences Security & Privacy pane and
unblock the system extension. See Apple Technical Note TN2459
"User-Approved Kernel Extension Loading" for more information.