Free tools from contributing users

Thanks to its open architecture and free open source software libraries, RF Explorer community has been very active for years offering custom solutions and tools, as well as adapting RF Explorer to the most surprising and challenging scenarios.

We introduce two of them today, which you may find very useful to have in your bag:

Wireless Microphone Analyzer

Developed by Bernd Konnerth, it has been refined and updated for sometime and its among the most popular tools in the Audio Pro community. It works in Windows, Mac and Linux.

Define and report Wireless Mic activity based on manufacturer channel names. For full discussion thread visit group link.

To download software and read instructions visit GITHUB project 

RF Explorer detailed scan phyton tool

Developed by mkupferman. This is a free command line solution for generating high-resolution scans with an RF Explorer, for use with coordination software like Shure Wireless Workbench. It works in Windows, Mac and Linux.

Download from GITHUB project