Software update available

The new RF Explorer for Windows v1.12.1511.2 is available in the Beta section of download page (Beta section is at the bottom)

  • Fixed problem in markers in Spectrum Analyzer screen when configuration changes (sometimes markers were disabled)
  • Fixed screenshot file & clipboard image copy function. Before this fix, the new collapsible control areas may not draw correctly in the screenshot file sometimes.
  • Added median average to improve noise rejection in SNA tracking display.
  • Improved report data and calibration sync with new firmware v1.12 Beta 24 on Spectrum Analyzers. You are suggested to upgrade to this firmware version all your analyzers

The new RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer firmware v1.12 Beta 24 is available for download as well.

  • Include additional protocol data exchange for calibration data share with RF Explorer for Windows software. This will enable the system to offer full calibration capabilities for end user in the future.