RF Explorer 6GHZ - update

We are happy to confirm the production and QC tests are being completed as expected for new 6G and 6G Combo units. Thanks for your patience and support, these last weeks we have been working on plenty of details to finish, so everything can be ready on time. Reminder: If you were considering a 6GHz unit, discount period ends tomorrow Jan 20th.


SeeedStudio team confirmed they will start shipping first units tomorrow Jan 20th, as initially planned. All the units pre-ordered will be shipped between Jan 20 and 24. 

For any question on your order, please check with directly with SeeedStudio , or the distributor you ordered the unit from. We do not handle individual orders ourselves.


Note: Firmware delivered with new unit shipped is version 1.12 Beta 08. Some features under development will required you to upgrade your unit with new firmware in a few weeks.