Adapters and coaxial cables for RF Explorer available

As we get regular requests to get references for connectors and adapters that are 100% compatible, SeeedStudio and some distributors are now offering a set of accessories for RF Explorer. We looked for quality, reasonable priced adapters that will help you connect RF Explorer to pretty much any RF device or antenna you may need:

BNC adapter - Most HAM and two-way handheld radio antennas and devices are designed for BNC connectors. This BNC-female to SMA-male connector will easily interface your RF Explorer to any other BNC antenna or cable.

N adapter - Laboratory grade RF bench size instruments use N connector size cables. This N-female to SMA-male connector will easily interface your RF Explorer to any other bench size instrument or cable.

RP-SMA adapter -  Some WiFi antennas and cables are designed for RP-SMA (reverse polarity SMA) and cannot be connected to a standard SMA plug. RP-SMA is a variation of the SMA connector specification which reverses the gender of the interface. The reason for that was a decision made by FCC in order to prevent end-users from manipulating certified WiFi devices at home, using other available SMA antennas. That led to SMA and RP-SMA devices not being able to connect without an adapter, check Wikipedia for more details.

If you want to use some standard WiFi antennas you may need this adapter in order to interface them with RF Explorer. By plugin in this adapter your RF Explorer will be able to connect with any RP-SMA antenna, cable or device.

SMA right angle - This RF connector is ideal to use RF Explorer deployed horizontally, with any antenna connected onto it. For instance when you are on the road and you don't have a RF Explorer Stand, you can still easily fit the USB cable, the antenna and connect to a computer with easy. It is also useful to create a more reliable ground-effect for the antenna if fit the RF Explorer over a metallic structure such as a car roof.

SMA cable, 50cm long - Good up to 3GHz, these coaxial cables are good to connect your RF Explorer to other devices or antennas. There is a version with Male-Female connector (so you can actually cascade multiple ones if you need to) as well as Male-Male.