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Get a FREE RF Explorer from Gotham

Gotham in US got a great deal for you Audio Pro users: a free RF Explorer if your order goes beyond $2500.


They also offer a very convenient Accessory Kit to complement and protect your RF Explorer.


Protecting your RF Explorer

Based on questions from users and realizing not everyone is aware of how to safely protect a sensitive Spectrum Analyzer like RF Explorer from strong RF fields, I wrote down an article with a few suggestions and background info you are suggested to read in order to keep your device safe for years of use.

Please check here.

The most important suggestion is to keep your RF Explorer without antenna when you store it or if you have to go across strong field areas like RFID points in shops, X-ray scanners in airports, etc.

Any question let us know. We can add more info if required.

Agilent documentation and Webcasts

Agilent is starting a webcast series of sessions about Spectrum Analysis and RF basics. It may be of interest of (most) RF Explorer users and RF enthusiast out there.

RF Back to Basics: Part 1 - Signal Analysis on Jan/25th.

For those of you who don't know, Agilent is the spinoff of HP for testing instruments and RF devices among other things, a worldwide reference in RF for many decades.

I recommend all the Agilent background RF documentation to people interested in knowing more about RF, and specially those who want to get the max out of an Spectrum Analyzer. For instance, this is a general guide we recommended to many people already. The link may get invalid anytime as it is internal to Agilent, but if it doesn't work just look for the famous "Application Note 150", the "5952-0292EN.pdf" document or simply "Spectrum Analysis Basics" within the Agilent site.