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New firmware and Windows Client available

The latest firmware version v1.09 Beta 05 available includes a number of nice features, and is the upgrade you will need to use the upcoming wideband WSUB3G model for 15 to 2700Mhz coverage.

See a picture of the new Windows Client working with the WSUB3G model in the commercial 88-108MHz FM radio.

(Click on the image for a larger view)

Please check release notes for RF Explorer firmware here.
Firmware and PC Client are available for free in our download page.

Simple instructions to upgrade firmware are available in this article.

Please check release notes for Windows GUI here.

Linux sample client code available

There have been a lot of requests, mainly from Universities, to include some sample Linux code. Students and teachers in need of interaction to RF Explorer from Linux cab use this simple application as a starting point, RFExplorer_Reset, now available on the open source code repository:

  • GNU GCC portable code - tested in Ubuntu 11, should work on any Linux
  • Uses standard Silabs CP210x driver included in the Linux Kernel, no need to install drivers
  • Included full source code, readme txt and binary compiled file for Ubuntu 11. Documentation includes reference on how debug kernel COM port activity.
  • The tool will restart RF Explorer and will capture and display version and copyright text after restart is complete. Here is a captured screenshot:


Big thanks to Cesar Lopez Ramirez @ URJC University for code and debug contribution.

Additional Linux code examples, together with a Linux Firmware Uploader for RF Explorer will follow in the next few months.

If you run into questions, please join us to comment on the forum: www.rf-explorer/forum


New distributor in the US West Coast


We are happy to welcome Location Sound Corp as a distributor of RF Explorer in California.

They are a Professional Audio shop and had the knowledge, the personnel and the expertise to help you on getting the most out of your RF Explorer in audio locations, events, etc.