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These are recent news.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Support

A note about RF Explorer for Windows supportability in recently released Windows 8 version.

We tested and confirmed no issues when running in Windows 8, both 32 and 64 bits, as expected. We use Microsoft .NET 4.0 Client Profile platform as the foundation for RF Explorer for Windows Client tool, and that makes it compatible with all Windows versions since XP and certainly all recent versions as well.

If you run into any issues on Windows 8, please let us know and we will work with you to resolve it.

RF Explorer custom stand - holder

A common request from users is how to connect the USB cable at the bottom while operating it from a PC, unfortunately we did not find any commerically available holder for cell phones or tablets that can safely hold RF Explorer at the same time the USB cable is connected.

We are now offering a custom designed, high quality acrylic laser cut stand for RF Explorer, with plenty of room to connect the USB cable from behind, lateral or front locations.

A pre-holed support at the bottom allows optionally securing the stand onto a bench for permanent position, convenient for faires, professional desks, etc and it is also suitable to attach it to a tripod at the field.

It is available from SeeedStudio for only $9.5.

RFEM WSUB3G available for purchase

RF Explorer RFEMWSUB3G is finally here.

We are offering a 20% discount the first week for the first 50 units of the expansion module, to help users of existing models waiting for long to have easier access to this new module.

The RFEMWSUB3G expansion module can be plugged in your RF Explorer easily, by following these simple instructions. The RFEMWSUB3G includes an EVA case to easily carry on your RF Explorer.

Right after this sale expires, full RF Explorer 3G Combo units will be available. These are fully assembled units with a WSUB1G on the main board and a RFEM WSUB3G on the expansion board. The 3G Combo comes with an EVA case too.

For detailed specifications of the new model, please check the RF Explorer 3G page here, you can order it from SeeedStudio and will be available very soon from our distributors, check this page for more info and contact your local distributor for more details.


Check this online video of RF Explorer WSUB3G in action, working with complex FM modulation at different frequencies.


As all you did with earlier orders, you are supporting a long term project, helping us to bring affordable instruments for practical use. Every of your orders help to fund additional engineering hours, required RF equipment and better embedded firmware and PC client software. Many thanks to all RF Explorer users: this little device is a reality just because you support it!

Important: The new 3G model has a lot of powerful capabilities but the firmware is still progressing towards the many benefits this board has to offer, so make sure you upgrade your unit with upcoming firmware revisions – there are many exciting features coming on the next few months.


SMA Quality accesories

In addition to that, SeeedStudio is now offering SMA quality attenuators, 50ohm termination load and adapters for use with your RF Explorer. They are all very competitive in price and fit nicely to extend usability of your device.

Items available are:

There will be additional accessories available in the near future; some of them custom build just for RF Explorer. Stay tuned.