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These are recent news.

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Soundlabs Group - Distributor in Australia

We are happy to welcome Soundlabs Group as the reference RF Explorer distributor in Australia.

Soundlabs Group has a large experience selling professional products and have been working with us in the past few months to bring you all the RF Explorer product range at an attractive price.

If you don't find the RF Explorer product or accessory you need, feel free to contact them and they will be happy to assist.

RF Explorer improves DSP and processing speed

RF Explorer firmware v1.11 final version is available.



A new, much improved DSP algorithm is included for WSUB3G and 3G Combo models. With the new DSP the 3G unit can properly detect rapid change signals such as WiFi and Bluetooth while at the same time filtering all spurs. Even better, the new DSP Auto makes it transparent for the user to work with the best possible filtering-fast algorithm combination everytime.


We also upgraded a lot of sensitive code to low level Assembly to make it more responsive when lengthy operations are taking place when large 300-600MHz spans and calculator settings are active, in all models.


More details available on the Release Notes document.


This release includes also a significant amplitude accuracy improvement for WSUB3G and 3G Combo model, as well as bug fixing. You can get it from the download area.


As usual, this new feature comes free of cost; all you need to do is upgrade the firmware of your unit, following these simple steps: Firmware upgrade.

Nuts About Nets - Online distributor in the US

We are happy to welcome Nuts About Nets as a distributor of all our product line in the US. They not only distribute all models but also have a nice RF Explorer accessories kit with USB cable, charger, SMA termination, etc. They setup a RF Explorer dedicated online shop and can accept orders since today.

Furthermore they are also developers of software for wireless monitoring and have been working hard to produce specific, high quality software for RF Explorer. The Touchstone software for Windows comes in two flavors: Touchstone (free download) and Touchstone Pro ($49). Both include detailed waterfall display, selectable resolution bandwidth, and other nice features. The paid version extend that with playback/record, topographic and delta graphs, etc. You can even evaluate the paid version to check if covers your needs.