Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Holder

RF Explorer Raspberry Pi Touch screen Holder

The Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Holder is a custom made, convenient and low cost holder to assemble the touchscreen in a way is easy to operate.

As oposed to other available holders for Raspberry Pi Touchscreen, this one is very compact and will work with all models of Raspberry Pi 2, 3 and 4, as well as any hat or module.

It can be ordered from SeeedStudio bazaar for USD $12 only, as well as many distributors.

 RF Explorer Raspberry Pi Touch screen Holder

Assembling the holder is very easy:

Raspberry Pi Holder contents

  1. Check contents: 4 acrylic lasered cut pieces, and 6 screws.
  2. Peel off protective film from the acrylic pieces
  3. Assemble each leg sliding the angled piece into the rectangular piece. Note the orientation of each one, is important to assemble it in the right position

  4. Secure the assembled parts with one screw in the designated hole. You will notice there is significant movement between the parts, but that will be fixed once is assembled into the Touchscreen in next step.

    Assembled leg
  5. Assemble each leg into the right position towards the back of the Touchscreen, using two screws on each side. These screws should be tighten to make the join strong, overall the assembly will be very solid.

Assembly details