Exporting RF Explorer data

RF Explorer spectrum analyzer data can be easily captured in a computer and stored, exported and manipulated by third party tools.

The Comma Delimited File, or CSV for short, is a type of ASCII file used to import and export data among applications such as Excel, MySQL, Matlab, WWB6, etc. Unfortunately each tool has its own preferences and limitations, such as the type of delimiter used to separate fields, whether the decimal separator for numbers is a dot or a comma (depending on regional settings).

Therefore is important to know the specific features and requirements the tool receiving the CSV has in order to correctly import the data file.

RF Explorer Touch and RF Explorer for Windows software tools provide both simple and advanced features to facilitate this process.

  • Latest captured sweep can be easily exported to a CSV file.
  • In the process of exporting the file, you can easily configure the file format to define the separator and regional settings to apply.

In addition to this simple process, the RF Explorer software tools also include a programmable timer to automatically save the current capture to a CSV file on a configurable time span. Say you configure it to be 30 seconds, the timer will create a new CSV file with the current capture every 30 seconds. This makes it very simple to get an historical record of activity and share among other tools by simple reading these files in order.

For more details including specific configuration settings, please visit the