How to: FM modulation with RF Explorer Signal Generator

RF Explorer Signal Generator RFE6GEN does not directly create FM or AM modulation signals, but can be easily used to produce low rate modulation including SINAD signals using Frequency Sweep.

For a FM modulation of 1KHz tone typically used for SINAD, proceed as follows:

  • Select the Start Frequency the value you need (e.g. 2.000000GHz)
  • Select the Stop Frequency the FM deviation you need. For instance for a 5KHz deviation, set exactly 5KHz above (e.g. 2.000005Ghz)
  • Select the Frequency Step same value as FM deviation (e.g. 5KHz)
  • Select the Step Delay. For a 1KHz tone, you need 1ms delay, therefore define Step Delay:00.001
  • Select RF power you need and start transmission using Frequency Sweep operational mode.

With this technique the highest rate tone generated is 1KHz (which correspond to 1ms step delay). With a 2ms step delay, frequency tone is 500Hz, etc.


# JPGilles 2016-08-26 10:52
The same procedure with AM would be fine (at least at the lower frequency-end).
Thanks for that device.
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