RF Explorer Record/Play License

The RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer PLUS models can optionally Record and Replay sweeps using internal device memory. This advanced feature enables standalone recording of activity on the field, it can be replayed in the same device any number of times, as well as stored in a computer as a data file for computer display and sharing. Downloading recorded sessions from the device to the computer requires RF Explorer Touch version 1.6 or newer, or RF Explorer for Windows version 2.3 or newer. For more details visit Record Manager help.

This feature requires firmware v3.18 or newer and a device license activation as described below in Registration Process.

This feature is compatible with all PLUS and PLUS SLIM products, if you have any question please contact us before purchase.

Registration process

  • Upgrade your unit to latest firmware v3.18 or later following www.rf-explorer.com/upgrade instructions
  • Download and run the RF Explorer System Check utility from www.rf-explorer.com/check - all software downloaded from our site is free from malware and virus

SysCheck License

  • (1) Run the System Check utility and introduce your email, (2) copy the Computer Code ID (16 characters) and fill in the PayPal form below with the exact same code
  • (3) Use below PayPal [Buy Now] button to order your license. PayPal is a secure payment site accepting many payment options, you do not need to be a registered PayPal user to complete the payment. You will receive a payment receipt email from PayPal.

RF Explorer Record/Play License
for Spectrum Analyzer PLUS models

Permanent License - Device Locked

Computer Code ID:


  • (4) Wait to receive your License code by email from RF Explorer License Server. Once received click on [Register Device License] button in the System Check tool
  • (5) Enter the License code received by email (20 characters)

SysCheck License Device

  • (6) Click on button [Continue...] and follow the steps, your Spectrum Analyzer will be required to connect at some point, make sure to have it handy
  • The registration process require an Internet connection, it will fail if not connection is available. You can retry if registration process failed.
  • The full process may take 1-2 minutes maximum. Once the registration process is completed, a message from System Check tool will confirm success. This License code will be enabled and not available for additional activations. Each license code can be used once.

By purchasing this license you agree on the following terms:

End User License Agreement

  • All sales are final, refund is only possible before activating the license in the Computer and the Spectrum Analyzer. Once the license is activated there is no option for refund or cancellation.
  • License can be activated from a Windows 7/8/10 computer only
  • The license can be activated only from the same computer provided by Computer Code ID and for a single RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer device. Once the license is activated, can be used with any computer by the same RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer device.
  • License is permanent and locked to a specific RF Explorer Spectrum Analyzer device, it does not require any extra regular payment and is compatible with any future firmware upgrade. The device firmware must not be downgraded to earlier versions of firmware than v3.16 as otherwise the license may get invalidated.
  • Each license is unique and cannot be shared or moved to a different RF Explorer device.
  • Support is available through www.rf-explorer.com/support page. We are entitled to provide quality support on any question you may have or issue you may find.
  • For more than 5 licenses you can apply for a 10% discount, contact us before purchase.