How to submit RF Explorer report log file

The RF Explorer for Windows application creates a <report log> session file with detailed information. This information is kept local in your computer and never send anywhere or used by the application for anything other than track all important actions and parameters in case they are required later for diagnosis or support.

In some cases you may need to provide <report log> files email them to RF Explorer Team for support or help.

The first step is locating the <report log> files in your computer. The location is displayed in the first line of the "Report" tab in RF Explorer for Windows.

For instance a typical display will be:

Welcome to RFExplorer Client - report being saved to: 


Therefore this is the file being used by RF Explorer for Windows to report all activity done that particular day (in this example 2015-01-08). Note the folder path in this example is C:\Users\TestUser\AppData\Roaming\RFExplorer\. In this same folder you can find <report log> files of previous days. If you are requested to send files from multiple days, please add them to a zip file (e.g. using free 7zip tool or equivalent) and submit to our support ticket system at - alternatively you can run the RF Explorer SysCheck tool which can collect your log files automatically and also additional configuration parameters and submit them from within the tool.