Restoring default settings

Some users ask from time to time how to bring the unit back to default settings, which is useful when the settings have been manipulated so much that is not obvious which settings should be used anymore.

Please use the below description (with firmware v1.11 or higher) as a general rule to reconfigure your unit back to default values.


Center Freq see note 1
Freq Span 010.000
Start Freq

see note 2

Stop Freq see note 2
Module see note 3


  • Note 1: Please select a frequency in the middle of the range of your model. For instance, the WSUB1G has a range of 240-960MHz, therefore the mid frequency point is 240+(960-240)/2=600 MHz, so you can set 0600.000 for the Center Freq in this model.
  • Note 2: the unit will calculate the Start and Stop frequency automatically after the Center frequency is specified, as described in note 1.
  • Note 3: Press ENTER key to select the RF module you want to activate and configure. That option will work for Combo units only which include an expansion module. A single unit come with a base model only, and has a single RF connector available, and will not alter the selection with ENTER key.


Calculator Normal
Top dBm -010
Bottom dBm


Iterations 010
Offset dB +000
Units dBm


Backlight High
Contrast 3
USB Bauds


Draw Mode Vectors
Marker Peak
DSP Auto