RF Explorer WSUB1G PLUS battery up to 65% only

Some RF Explorer WSUB1G PLUS users reported a problem where the battery charge level seems to be limited to 60-65% only and apparently never gets above that level.


This has been confirmed to be a firmware bug, not a real battery problem. The initial battery charge level is calibrated by a factory procedure not correctly adjusted in firmware v3.03 and earlier. Nevertheless, the internal battery charge level is correctly adjusted by following the recommended initial charge process of 8hs, more details in the user manual (link) page 28 onwards. We recommend all users to follow this simple procedure to adjust calibration battery level. 

The RF Explorer WSUB1G PLUS firmware v3.05 and later corrects this problem and no longer display incorrect charge level, even if the battery was not calibrated. This firmware upgrade is recommended to all RF Explorer WSUB1G PLUS users. For more details please visit the download page (link)