How To: Create Linux custom Raspberry Pi setup for RF Explorer IoT

RPI 5b

We recommend using our ready-to-go Raspbian images for your Raspberry Pi (supporting models 1, 2 and 3). We did all the hard work to have them correctly configured for RF Explorer IoT.

If you prefer or need to implement a customized OS image for Raspberry Pi, please follow below indications:

  • For Raspberry Pi models with embedded Wifi or Bluetooth (such as model 3), it is strongly recommended to disable both WiFi and Bluetooth. Otherwise they may create significant RF noise and interference with sensitive RF circuit inside the RF Explorer IoT module. Search for official documentation or see this link.
  • Raspberry Pi native UART requires some modifications to be usable by RF Explorer IoT module:
    • First, make UART available for external use. See this link.
    • Second, Increase UART clock to enable 500Kbps: modify /boot/config.txt to include a init_uart_clock=8000000 (see link)
  • If you are using the Raspberry Pi as headless device (no digital Video or Sound output) then is recommended to switch off HDMI and Sound ports. See this link and this link.
  • Install mono if you plan to use .NET libraries and examples. We recommend mono 4.0.5, this is a tested version. Depending on the distro and Raspberry version you use, you may need to build mono in the Raspberry from git sources, which takes several hours. See for more details.
  • Install python 3.5.x if you plan to use Python libraries and examples. See link