Hacker's corner

RF Explorer is a hacker friendly device. As hackers ourselves, we do like customizing, tinkering and expanding gadgets.

We certainly designed and built RF Explorer with these factors in mind.


  • Windows PC Client source code : Developed in C# and VisualStudio 2015 Community Edition, you can fully extend and customize it for your own needs, under LGPL license. The latest source code is available in Github repository: github.com/rfexplorer.
    • Library .NET for easy integration of Windows applications, (Linux/Mac can use it together with mono): github link
    • Library Python 3 for plug and play integration (multiplatform): github link
    • Library for Arduino in standard C++/wiring: github link
  • UART - USB protocol specification : Full documentation to interface RF Explorer with any RS232 capable software or Operating System. The limit here is the CP2102 USB driver, currently supported in Windows, Linux, WinCE, Android and MacOS by Silicon Labs. Please refer to Github Wiki.
  • RF Explorer circuit schematic : Discover the internals of RF Explorer, so you get a better idea of how it works, and how to get the greatest value from its implemented hardware and software. RF Explorer is based on a powerful Microchip PIC24FJ64GA004 16 bits MCU, together with a Silicon Labs transceivers. Circuit link here.
  • RF Explorer for Python libraries: Python is a modern, portable multi-platform programming language. We developed a full portable library so you can create your own Python applications to connect with RF Explorer devices. Visit RF Explorer for Python wiki for more details.
  • RF Explorer IoT modules: If you need a fully customizable platform, both software and hardware, you can use RF Explorer IoT modules, supported in many platforms. More details at the IoT site.
  • Raspberry Pi: The Raspberry Pi is a nice Single Board Computer running Linux which can easily control RF Explorer and automate lot of actions. By making use of the the USB RS232 protocol, it has enough power to work realtime with RF Explorer product family. Check RF Explorer for Raspberry Pi wiki to get sample Linux source code you can use as starting point. You can also use Phyton and Mono among other libraries to communicate from Linux to RF Explorer.
  • Other Linux SBC : BeagleBone Black has been also tested to work fine with RF Explorer, if you test any other SBC please let us know so community can benefit from it.

Stay tuned for any new developments...