RF Explorer Touch for Raspberry Pi

Touch Screen Raspberry

Configuration and Setup

Use SD Card image

There are SD Card standard Raspberry Pi images for models 3B and 3B+, specifically adapted to the official Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen combined with RF Explorer IoT module. The Touch Screen is optional and any compatible screen or HDMI monitor can be used. Touch screen operation for other screens may require specific configuration to be updated.


Installation process:

  • Follow instructions to assemble RF Explorer IoT module as per this article
  • Assemble or connect the touch screen
  • Download Raspberry Pi SD Card images: please visit the download page
  • Upload the image into a SD Card using Etcher. (For more details visit https://www.balena.io/etcher)
  • Insert SD Card in the Raspberry Pi and power it on. User and password are default <pi, raspberry> as in any raspbian setup
  • RF Explorer Touch application will start right after boot and will display full screen, ready to use

Install in existing Raspbian

If using a full image is not best suited for your needs, you can easily update any valid Raspbian setup with the following steps:

  • Configure your Raspbian OS as described in this article to adjust for IoT module compatibility
  • Install Mono from www.mono-project.com
  • If Raspberry Pi Touch Display is available, follow instructions to configure it as described in this link 
  • Download RF Explorer Touch for Linux from the download page and copy it to a folder with enough permissions
  • Open a terminal window and launch RF Explorer Touch with

sudo  mono  RFETouchLinux.exe

  • RF Explorer Touch will display and display full screen

Quick start guide

Once RFETouch application has been started, the software will connect with RF Explorer IoT device automatically if it is available and it will start capturing and displaying real-time data from RF Explorer IoT device after a few seconds. From there you can change frequency and amplitude settings with menus, as described in full user manual.

Tune FM radio

  1. Connect an antenna to the RF Explorer IoT module RF connector.
  2. Set Start frequency at 88 MHz and Stop frequency at 108 MHz.
  3. Spectrum Analyzer graph will show captured activity in real time from FM radio channels, a possible example is displayed below.

FM Signal Example

Open example files

  1. Go to File -> Load and a files dialog will appear.
  2. Navigate to path /home/pi/RFExplorer for SD Card Image setup or in other case, select directory where RF Explorer examples are.
  3. Select file Antenna_FM_93.9MHz.rfe and click on [Load]
  4. Main screen will show data in spectrum analyzer graph for one captured FM station.

Antenna Example

User manual

For more details, please read user manual.