RF Explorer Record Manager

Record Manager

This manager tool provides a mean to store standalone recorded sweeps from the device into computer data files. This feature is only available for Spectrum Analyzer devices with enabled RECORD/PLAY license feature. For more details visit www.rf-explorer.com/rec

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This feature is available in RF Explorer Touch version 1.6 and higher, and RF Explorer for Windows version 2.3 and higher.

To open the Record Manager:

  • In RF Explorer Touch application open the Device configuration screen and select [Record Manager] button.
  • In RF Explorer for Windows application open the Device -> Record Manager menu.


Once the Record Manager is open the list of recorded sessions will be available at Selected Record option. If no record sessions are available or the analyzer has no activated license, the tool will report this with a warning message and the Record Manager will not open.

Record sessions can be downloaded one by one with [Download Record] button or all at once with [Download All].

Record sessions can be deleted to restore device memory space using [Delete All…] button.

Close option will close the dialog and go to main spectrum analyzer screen automatically, showing the latest record downloaded:

  • In RF Explorer Touch application you can replay the downloaded record session using the replay bar.
  • In RF Explorer for Windows application you can replay by using the "sample" numeric control up/down.

Automatically generated data files from recorded sessions can be reopoened for reply anytime, shared, etc.