RF Explorer Touch for macOS

RF Explorer Touch is available for macOS computers

Supported on macOS 10.11 - 10.14. 

This software is not compatible with macOS Catalina.
For running RF Explorer software in Catalina please use our free VM: www.rf-explorer.com/vm

Install Instructions:

  1. Install USB drivers and Mono as documented in this article
  2. Download the RFETouch for Mac from the download page
  3. Run the software from the package, or better drag it to the dock or the Applications container
  4. Make sure the software is Authorized for use in macOS Sierra or newer versions: You may need to authorize the application explicitly in your system. To do so, go to Security & Privacy panel in System Preferences, then hit the Allow or Enable option. You may need to follow these instructions if your macOS reports "damaged file"

Note: first run may take some time to internally recompile libraries to adapt to your system, depending on how busy the system is and HD speed it may take a few minutes in some cases. Next loads work much faster after first compilation is completed.